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Don Banks 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Titans and Dontari Poe

Don Banks of has released another mock draft, and he has the Titans taking Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis. This is still a pick that does not make a lot of sense to me, especially with Mark Barron still on the board. Here is what Banks had to say about the pick:

If there will be a consensus choice to come out of the Combine riding a wave of first-round upward mobility*, it'll be Poe, a 6-5, 350-pound freakishly good athlete who has no business moving around as well as he does for a guy his size. When the Titans study him, they're going to see a young, playmaking Albert Haynesworth, without the attitude and poor work ethic.

It will be interesting to see how Poe does at the combine this weekend. A lot of the reason that Poe has "upward mobility"** is based on his athleticism. He will need to show that in the combine drills if he wants to maintain said "upward mobility"***.

**TWSS squared
***TWSS cubed