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2012 NFL Draft: Why the Titans Cannot Afford to Pass on Mark Barron

I have said from the beginning that I am biased towards Mark Barron, but I feel that I do a pretty good job of being as objective as I can with Bama players. For example, I am really not high on Dre Kirkpatrick. He is going to be a solid corner in the NFL, but he I don't see him as a top 15 pick.

With that being said, the Titans cannot afford to pass on Mark Barron if he is there at #20. Right now the Titans have Robert Johnson at the safety position. That is all. Even if they are able to re-sign Jordan Babineaux, they are still going to have a huge hole there. Barron is the only safety in this class that is able to step in and play right away.

Paul Kuharsky says in his AFC South Combine primer that the Titans might have caught a break with Barron not being able to workout before the draft because of double hernia surgery. I couldn't agree more. That is going to scare some teams off, but there is not reason to believe that he will not make a full recovery before training camp.

There is plenty of film on Barron. They should not need to see him workout in shorts to know what kind of impact football player he has the potential to be.

Teams are always looking for the best player available at a position of need in the draft. Mark Barron would absolutely be that guy if he is there at #20 for the Titans. There is no reason they should pass on him.