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2012 NFL Free Agency: Wyatt Names Some Potential Titans Targets

Jim Wyatt has a story up this afternoon naming some guys the Titans could potentially target when free agency starts on March 13th. As you would expect, there are none of the guys from my wishlist on the list. It is compiled of mainly second tier guys.

The first name he suggests is Robert Mathis. As I suggested on Saturday, Mathis is a guy that they should be targeting. He is not going to cost as much as a Cliff Avril or Mario Williams, and he might be just as productive for a couple of years.

The second guy he mentions is Reggie Nelson. Nelson was terrible in Jacksonville, but he played better last season in Cincinnati. He would no doubt fill a need, but Mark Barron is a better player. Book it.

The third guy he mentions is another safety from Baltimore named Haruki Nakamura. Wyatt says that his main role would be as a special teams player. They might have a need for some help there if Patrick Bailey and/or Tim Shaw sign somewhere else. Plus they can always use the depth at safety.