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2012 NFL Free Agency: Titans Wishlist #1 Mario Williams

And now the moment we have all been waiting for, Mario Williams is the number one player on my Tennessee Titans free agency wishlist. In this league, a defense can go from decent to really good with the addition of a good pass rusher, and that is exactly what Williams is. He is coming off an injury, but he has been very productive when he has been on the field. He has 53.5 sacks in six years.

Adding Williams would also give the Titans some time to build up the secondary that is probably going to have at least two new starters in 2012. Again, just remember how good the secondary was in 2008 with Albert Haynesworth up front, and then how bad it was when he left. One guy really can make that much of a difference.

Williams is also known commodity, where any pass rusher the Titans would get 20th in the draft would be a roll of the dice at best. You could find the next Jason Pierre-Paul, but it is more likely that you end up with a guy that takes a few years to develop at best- especially in a draft class that is shallow when it comes to pass rushers.

The previous players on the list after the jump.

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#9 Carlos Rogers
#8 Stevie Johnson
#7 Vincent Jackson
#6 Marques Coltson
#5 Cliff Avril
#4 Dwayne Bowe
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