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Last Night's MCM Radio with Dan Kadar

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Last night August and I were joined by Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft. Dan did an excellent job breaking down a lot of the prospects that the Titans could be targeting with the 20th pick.

A few highlights:

  • Dan is really high on David DeCastro. He says the Titans should take him at 20 if he is available, but that the odds are he will be off the board.
  • He did not seem very high on any of the pass rushers outside of that first tier.
  • We talked about Mark Barron. Dan says he is a boarderline first round pick at best, and that there is not another safety prospect that is anywhere close to a first round pick.
  • August, of course, got a question in about Vanderbilt defensive back Casey Heyward.
  • The full episode is listed after the jump.

MCM Radio 2/20

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