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2012 NFL Draft and the Titans Links

There are a handful of articles out there that I see everyday that aren't worthy of a full post, but have good information regarding the Titans and the upcoming draft. I am going to start throwing those into a post at the end of every day. Here is the first installment.

Wes Bunting highlighted six defensive prospects that need a big performance at the combine. Two of them, Whitney Merciless and Dontari Poe, are guys that have been heavily linked to the Titans in mock drafts. Bunting told us on MCM Radio a couple of weeks ago that he thought Merciless was one of the most overrated prospects in this draft. I bet his combine numbers will be off the charts, but that doesn't change the things that Bunting sees from him on film:

Physically he looks the part and has the natural talent to simply man handle college lineman. However, he's a raw kid who is stiff in the hips and doesn't have a great feel for the game when asked to find the football. He's got some upside, but his tightness and overall lack of natural feel for the game are two very big concerns of mine.

Andy Thompson of the Post Crescent has a nice article on Peter Konz (h/t Mocking the Draft). I am on record as saying that I do not want an offensive lineman at #20, but if the Titans could find a way to trade down and get this guy, I would be on board for that one.