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2012 NFL Combine Players to Watch: Kendall Wright

For most players, the numbers they put up at the combine really don't mean much. The NFL coaches and scouts have already watched hours of film on the top guys, and unless they are Jeff Fisher, they are not going to be swayed by crazy combine numbers. There are, however, a few cases where the combine can really help or hurt a player.

Look at Julio Jones last year. Most people thought he was a middle of the first round pick until he went to the combine and ran a 4.39 when most people were expecting somewhere around 4.5. That, along with the other freakish numbers he put up, moved him into the top 10.

Kendall Wright is one guy to keep an eye on this week. There are a lot of teams, the Titans included, that are looking for that guy that can stretch the field. Wright becomes a top 15 prospect if he runs in the 4.3s, where he is probably a late first round pick if he runs something a little bit slower than that.