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Minute For Charity: Cortland Finnegan.

As it turns out, the "What Does MCM Want?" post ended up yielding some really good ideas. However, one really stuck out to me as something I'd like to feature this week. The idea of promoting the various charities for players on the Titans' roster seems like one of the more noble ideas that was suggested (and a fine h/t to oilertitan for his contribution) so I'm choosing to run with that first.

Cortland Finnegan may soon be an ex-Titan, but the impact he's left on the community is nothing short of fantastic. His lasting impact through numerous sizable donations to various causes has earned him the Titans' Community Man of the Year Award for the second straight year.

Jim Wyatt provided some in depth detail in late December about some of Finnegan's prolific giving.

Cornerback Cortland Finnegan donated $90,000 on Tuesday night at his Christmas dinner benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Special Olympics and Friends of Metro Parks and Disabilities Program and other charities.

Through his ARK31 Foundation, Finnegan hosted families from the three non-profit organizations at Cabana restaurant, and presented the checks. About 400 guests attended.

Earlier this month Finnegan was named Titans Community Man of the Year for the second straight season.

Finnegan donated $20,000 checks to LLS and Special Olympics, and the following organizations received $5,000 checks –Safe Haven, Saddle Up, St. Baldrick’s, Gabes My Heart, ABLE Youth, High Hopes, Best Buddies, Friends of Metro Parks Disabilities Program, Down Syndrome Association of Tennessee and the YMCA Full Circle Program.

Finnegan is clearly a man who is committed to his community, and his aforementioned ARK 31 (acts of random kindness, combined with Finnegan's number) foundation is a shining example of that commitment. It really is inspiring to see a guy who is this passionate about helping other people. ARK 31 is an organization dedicated to helping kids with special needs and disabilities. Finnegan's prodigious giving spirit is fueled by the memory of his sister, who had downs syndrome and tragically passed away at age seven due to complications associated with the disorder. In addition to helping children all over the country with special needs, ARK 31 is heavily involved in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, something very near to my heart, and was chosen as a candidate for their "Man of the Year" award in 2008.

Should he leave in free agency, I know we'll all certainly miss Finnegan and his fiery antics and competitive spirit on the field this year, but I also know that Finnegan's presence in Nashville will be felt even long after he retires. On a more personal note, this is the reason that it sucks that Finnegan is constantly labelled the most hated man in football by a lot of fans out there. His willingness to give help where it's needed the most is truly commendable. To learn more about ARK 31, you can visit their website here.