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2012 NFL Free Agency Titans Wishlist #9 Carlos Rogers

Carlos Rogers is my 9th most wanted free agent for the Titans. I know this is beating the dead horse here (someone will certainly post the South Park picture in the comments), but it is clear that all things are pointing toward Cortland Finnegan not being with the Titans next season. They feel good about what Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner can do on the outside, but they are going to need to add another guy because you have to have three in today's NFL. Say what you want about the other guys on the roster, but there is not enough on any of them right now to say any of them are ready to start.

That is why they need Rogers. Of course the Titans could already have Rogers on their team had they just drafted him in 2005 instead of the original "he who shall not be named."

Rogers had a really good year with the 49ers in his first season with the team. He finished the season with 6 interceptions. Rogers could end up back with the 49ers before he ever hits the market. Here is what he had to say to the Mercury News a day after they lost to the Giants:
Is your preference to return?

"My preference is to be back. Four or five, I want to be back. I’m going to leave that in my agent’s hands. I just got done talking to some of the guys upstairs about that. Now it’s about putting the team first in my decision, but also you want to be compensated for where you think you’re at and where the market puts you at. Think about the team and not just yourself. That’s what I’m going to go into the offseason thinking about."

Did they give you and optimistic vibe?

"That’s what they said. They want to get it done, get started on it as soon as possible. Hopefully I don’t even reach free agency. But they said definitely want me back, but at the same time, will they be able to match an offer from the 31 other teams. It’s all about the highest team. Will they be able to match that to keep this team close with so many other (free agents)? Probably not. So they said keep in mind of the team first. They’re going to try their best to get the job done. I’ll think about that."

Will you take a hometown discount?

"I’ll take a team discount. Hometown discount, that’s real low. To just consider the team first, I definitely would. I like this, from the owner, the general manager to everybody in this organization, I like everything about this organization, the trainers, all the players. I like everything about this organization. This isn’t about me coming out saying, ‘OK, now I’m free. Let’s get the check.’ I’m thinking about the team and this is where I want to be first of all."

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