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Carl Nicks Not Feeling Good About a Return to the Saints

Spoiler alert: Carl Nicks is very, very high on my Titans' free agency wishlist. Nicks is one of the best guards in the game, and you would assume the Saints would do anything in their power to keep him in the fold. Nicks talked to the New Orleans Times-Picayune in Indianapolis, and he doesn't seem very optimistic about a return to the Saints:

They never talked to me at all about it really (last season), which I thought was kind of weird. But I talked to (General Manager Mickey Loomis) the last day before exit meetings, and he said they were going to do their best to try to keep me. So that's the gist of contract talks. I would love to stay, but it's also a good feeling to be wanted. So hopefully a lot of teams want me, but I would love to stay."

The Saints have a lot of key guys entering free agency this year. In addition to Nicks, they will also be working on deals for Drew Brees, Marques Colston and Robert Meachem. As the article mentions, New Orleans could use the franchise tag on Nicks if they don't have to use it for Brees.

Again, I know this is probably not a pool the Titans are going to go swimming in, but they should seriously consider it because calling him an upgrade to the interior of the Titans offensive line doesn't even begin to describe it.