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Offseason Banter: Who Is Your Favorite Non-Titan Player?

The amount of money I would pay to watch this guy play live is not easily measurable by any type of currency that currently exists.
The amount of money I would pay to watch this guy play live is not easily measurable by any type of currency that currently exists.

This is really a topic that I love for some reason. Often I think it's because that almost every time there's some kind of interesting anecdote or quirky fact that makes a certain player appeal to a wider audience. In case you hadn't noticed, Cam Newton is right at the top of my list, but because I can't narrow it down to one, I'll give you my two favorites and why.

So, Cam Newton.

What appealed to me right out of college was the fact that Newton didn't let the doubters get to him. Something that really irks me is when fans call out a player as a "thug" or something similar. Unfortunately, words like that get thrown around so much these days that they've really lost all meaning. I can't understand how we can just sit here and call players all kinds of names and use these personal attacks without understanding that we know next to nothing about their lives off the field. We may get snippets here and there, but there's nothing that leads me to believe that what we believe is an accurate portrayal of the psychological makeup of any of the guys we watch on Sunday. I guess we can sit here and talk about how we really don't know if any of the athletes who have a positive public image are really good guys, but I think it's tough to maintain that persona without actually walking the walk with today's media. But I digress, we're drifting off topic. Point is, I love Newton's "don't give a hoot" attitude that he somehow maintains flawlessly while coming across as a genuinely nice guy.

What really cemented this for me was the infamous "entertainer and icon" fiasco. I haven't seen people blow up with such outrage over such a small deal in a long time. Football is entertainment, is it not? To become an icon, one must achieve a large amount of success, correct? What in the world is wrong with saying that he wants to do his job well enough so that people recognize his hard work? Plus, for every "entertainer and icon" quote, I bet I can find five more about how much he wants to improve and how hard he plans to work to get better. There were all kinds of factors working against him and in spite of that he's blown his already sky-high expectations out of the water.This guy genuinely wants to be the best, can't knock the hustle.

Finally, it's probably got a lot to do with the fact that he's probably the NFL's must-see event for the next ten years. He's the most prolific rookie passer ever and when all is said and done, he should be the best runner we've seen in a long time, maybe ever. Just watch and be amazed.

I have no qualms about making this my personal space to rant on the bad rap that Cam Newton gets either, so don't even go there.

As a Titans fan, it should be hard to admit that I love Arian Foster, but it's not. It's got nothing to do with my Vol allegiances either. As an active tweeter, I like to think that I have a good idea of some of the best accounts out there. It's not an exaggeration to say that Foster's is hands down my favorite.

This guy is really freakin' smart. Some of the stuff that I read really makes me take a second to think. Reading his musings on life have made me appreciate having an abstract thought process. He's different, but he doesn't have to put up a front to be. Aside from that, he's got an incredible backstory and combines the mind of a poet with nearly unmatched athletic success. It's a lot of fun to watch Foster play football and his insights on life always keep me entertained.

Give it a whirl, MCM, who's your favorite non-Titan?