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2012 Free Agency: What About Robert Mathis?

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We all know that the Titans really need a pass rusher. We have spent a lot of time focusing on the younger guys in this class that are going to be available. We haven't talked at all about Robert Mathis, and maybe we should be.

Mathis is not a guy that you want to give a long-term deal, and you also don't want him if you are rebuilding, but he is a guy that could come in for a year or two and put up some numbers. The Titans should at least take a look at him because they really are only a pass rusher away from being a contender.

In the PFF post that August linked earlier this week, they had this to say about Mathis:

Mathis has traditionally been overshadowed by Dwight Freeney as the superstar of the Colts’ defensive line, perhaps somewhat unfairly as the numbers reflect very well on both–in the past three seasons, Freeney has 190 total Quarterback pressures compared to Mathis’ 172, yet Freeney’s contract value is more than double Mathis’. Mathis had an impressive campaign in 2011 and was the best player on a struggling Colts defense. He did, however, encounter an unusually barren run of games mid-season, managing just a single pressure in 169 snaps. 44 sacks since 2008, however, will ensure Mathis is able to command top dollar, should he reach the open market.
It is hard to blame Mathis for checking out in the middle of last season. Ruston should give him a call.