The Official MCM + MtD Live Draft War Room

Welcome to the MCM MtD (Mocking the Draft) Live Draft War Room! A short history behind the project: seton hall and steelers runs the live draft portion of the website, MtD to great effect. I've been the Titans representative for the past 2 years (for either good or bad, that's up to everyone to decide, lol). Last year it was Thunder64 (who will be the Jags rep for this one) and I who handled the duties in a co-op. This year, it's jlomas and I that will split the duties. Now here's the fun part where I need everyone's help in which direction we should go in the draft. Hence, the war room fanpost. Everyone's opinion will be heard and taken into account as I make the selection (s) later tonight. Here are the details:

  1. Rounds 1 and 2 will be held on Friday Feb 17th, starting from 7 pm EST. Rounds 3-5 will be held on Saturday the 18th from 2:30 pm EST onwards. Teams have 5 minutes to make a selection in the 1st round and 4 minutes in the 2nd. Rounds 3-5 picks will be given 3 minute time limits.
  2. A trade can only contain draft picks (current and future) and not players. 2013 picks will be counted as half the points in the 2010 draft value chart.All trades must be voted on and approved by fellow GMs or the commissioner.

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We currently hold picks #20, #52, #83, #116, and #148. jlomas and I have come up with several different scenarios but we can't reveal them yet for fear of other GMs might be peeking in on us. We will reveal them later on tonight as it gets closer to our pick. I'd also like to open it up for discussion on possible picks as nothing is set in stone yet. Thanks for all the help, MCM!