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Pull Yo 84 Jerseys Out: Randy Moss Says He Is Coming Back

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Randy Moss is one of my favorite NFL players of all time. In fact, he is probably my 2nd favorite player of all-time behind Steve McNair. Well he was just on USTREAM broadcast live, which you already know was awesome, and he said he is going to return to the NFL next year if anyone will have him. Moss said he had a lot of stuff to get in order this year in his personal life, and that was why he chose not to play.

Now obviously Moss is not the Moss of old. While we can all agree that the Titans were stupid to not use him more than they did when he was here in 2010, he was clearly not the same guy he had been. With that being said, if he is willing to go to a team and accept a lesser role I have no doubt he could still be productive.

The only thing that would make me sad about Moss returning to the NFL would be that he would no longer have retired as a Tennessee Titan.

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