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The Tennessee Titans Re-Sign Lavelle Hawkins

So the reaction in this thread has been pretty awesome. The Titans signed Lavelle Hawkins to a 3-year deal yesterday. What does that mean to their long term plans of building the 2012 Titans? It is impossible to tell right now. We can speculate, but if that deal doesn't contain any guaranteed money, they can cut him at any time without any ramifications.

There are two very different schools of thought on The Hawk:

1. He is nothing better than a fourth wide receiver who will always be a back end of the roster player.

2. He is a Derrick Mason type who is going to blossom in his 5th year in the league.

It is more likely that the first scenario is the truth, but the point is he could blossom into a good receiver. He did have 47 catches last season. That is two more catches than Damian Williams, who most people think has a lot of upside.

Let's wait and see what other moves are made before we meltdown. I am going to be more disappointed than most people if we enter the 2012 season with the same receivers as we had in 2011, but it is way too early to assume right now that we will.

Save the meltdown for if the Titans re-sign Jake Scott. I will be the first one off the ledge if that happens.