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2012 NFL Free Agency: Stanford Routt to Visit the Titans

Stanford Routt, who was released by the Oakland Raiders yesterday, is scheduled to visit with the Tennessee Titans in the next few days according to Terry McCormick. If they were to sign him, that would be a big deal because it would pretty much officially close the door on Cortland Finnegan returning to the team.

Routt does have some penalty problems according to PFF:

Stanford Routt was being paid like an elite corner, but he was far from that, hence the cutting. 17 penalties led the league for CBs

Matt Bowen of NFP says Routt will have no trouble finding another job:

I have no doubt that Routt will get picked up and signed to a deal this offseason with a new club. He has talent and can play man-coverage in this league. That sells to multiple teams that are in need of help in the secondary.

Aaron Schatz of FO says that Routt's numbers make him a top 20 corner in the league:

Routt's charting numbers as of the data we've collected (with a handful of missing games): 5.9 yards per play, 60% success rate. Both of those numbers are Top 20 for cornerbacks with at least 40 targets.

It will be interesting to see what the Titans decide to do here. From everything that I have read this morning, Routt seems like a guy that is pretty comparable to Finnegan. Would the Titans be willing to give him money they aren't willing to give Finny? If so, that will tel you a lot about the organization's feelings about Cortland.

(h/t to ShawnG for posting this in the FanPosts, which are back!)