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2012 NFL Free Agency Titans Wishlist #10 Ben Grubbs

Over the next few days, I am going to give you my top 10 wish list of the players who are scheduled to become free agents in March. A few disclaimers about the list:

  • I understand that the Titans will probably not sign any of these guys.
  • I understand that the cap would not allow the Titans to sign all ten of these guys, or probably even three of them.
  • I did not include anyone on this list that was with the Titans in 2011, and I did not include anyone that will be a restricted free agent.
  • That brings me to the #10 player on my top ten- Ben Grubbs. It is no secret that the Titans are desperate for a guard (or 2 guards and a center). Grubbs is likely to hit the open market because the Ravens have a lot of other guys that they are going to need to sign. He made his first trip to the Pro Bowl this season in his 5the season in the league, and there is no doubt that he would be an upgrade to the Titans' interior line.

    Plus it is about time that we took a good player from the Ravens instead of the other way around.