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MCM Radio Live at 9:30 Central: Reaction to another Titans loss to the Colts


Jimmy, Dan and myself will somehow pull it together long enough to record a new live episode of MCM Radio tonight at 9:30 central. We'll discuss how the Titans squandered today's game in the second half, who is most to blame this week and whether anyone working for Bud Adams will have a job here next season. We're not promising this one will be pretty. but there are a lot of reasons to be frustrated, disappointed and outright angry over what we've had to watch this season.

Being on the precipice of being swept in a bad AFC South will do that to ya.

You can join in the chat room fun, listen live and even take a stab at calling in by clicking this link. For those who can't make it tonight, you can always download the show, and our entire archive, in podcast form via iTunes. It'll also be available streaming 24/7 at the Blog Talk Radio site.