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Recap: Tennessee Titans lose to Colts, 27-23



The Tennessee Titans exploded out of the gate to deliver one of their more well-rounded first half performances today, but couldn't hang on to win their first AFC South match-up of the year. Now, with the playoffs already a lost cause, we've got one chance left to prevent what would be the most humiliating mark of futility since the Titans came to Nashville: fail to win a single AFC South game... and this division is not good.

Back to the disappointment at hand: once again the Titans' defense did just about everything you could ask them to, but the offense failed to hold up its end of the deal. Locker especially had a much rougher day than his stats would lead you to believe: his two terrible INTs included a devastating pick 6, he missed at least two wide-open passes that should have gone for TDs and he failed to execute inside the red zone. The injuries along the offensive line did him no favors, but the protection actually held up better than I thought it would. There's no reason to believe he isn't the right guy for the future, but we have to be honest enough to admit this was not a banner performance for the young QB.

But hey, at least we've fixed the pass rush!

The next match-up will be here at home, on Monday Night Football no less, against the equally disappointing New York Jets. It's a primetime opportunity to get off of this 1-5 skid, and everyone in and around this franchise better pray that game goes well.

If it doesn't, you can be assured that Bud will make sure there's hell to pay on Tuesday morning.