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Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts Preview

What will it take for the Titans to get a win today?

Scott Cunningham

You already know that if the play above had been called correctly the Titans would have won the first match-up with the Colts, but let's not pretend it was only that play that cost the Titans the game. They had plenty of other chances to make plays and win the game but were not able to do that.

The thing that is worrisome about the game today is that these teams have gone in very different directions since that game. The Colts have won 4 of the 5 since while the Titans have lost 3 of 4. The Titans have also lost 60% of their offensive line since that game.

The key for the Titans today on defense will be stopping Andrew Luck. I remember a lot of people talking about how Luck wasn't that good in the MCM Radio where we previewed the Colts. He showed everyone why he was the #1 pick in the draft in that match-up. His ability to keep plays alive is one of the things that makes him special.

There were multiple times in that first game where the Titans had a chance to sack him, but they weren't able to get him on the ground. They can't afford to do that today. They are going to have chances to get to him because his offensive line isn't very good. Today they need to finish the play.

On offense, it is time to see an uptempo offense. That is where Jake Locker is at his best, and this offense needs something to give it a spark. We all hoped Chris Palmer's firing would do that, but it looked like the same stagnant offense it has been all season last week.

Dowell Loggains can change that by coming out in a no huddle. That would get the Colts defense on their heels, and would allow Locker to get in an early rhythm. He seems to be a quarterback that needs to be in a rhythm to consistently make plays. Loggains can help him get there early if they come out fast.