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Who Has the Best Nickname in the NFL?

What is your favorite NFL nickname?

Jonathan Daniel

Gillette, who actually makes really good razors, has started a debate on their Facebook page asking who has the best nickname in the NFL. I don't think there is any debate that the best all-time nickname goes to William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

There really aren't as many nicknames in football as there are in baseball, but there are still some good ones. The funniest one might have been "The Muscle Hamster" for Doug Martin, but that has gone away now because he said he hates it.

The most popular one in the league today is obviously "Megatron for Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions.

I also like that they call Greg Zuerlein of he St. Louis Rams "Legatron." It is so fitting that Jeff Fisher would have a kicker that has a nickname like that. I bet they are best friends on and off the field.

What is your favorite NFL nickname?

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