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Chris Johnson was Unhappy with His Role Last Week

CJ wasn't happy that he didn't get his against the Texans.

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Frederick Breedon

It would be really nice if we could get through one week without a player complaining to the media (of course winning would cure a lot of that). Chris Johnson made comments yesterday about how he wasn't happy with his role in the second half of last week's game against the Texans (via Jim Wyatt):

"When it is time for clutch plays in game-time situations, I don’t want to be on the sideline or just be in there blocking all the time," said Johnson, who had a streak of six 80-plus yard games snapped. "Of course I want to be out there and make plays. I am a playmaker."

I will leave the playmaker thing alone for now.

I am not sure what CJ wanted to happen, but you pretty much have to abandon the run when you are down 21-3 at halftime. That is how a football game goes.

Hey Chris, Just shut up and play football. You have been better this year, and that is nice, but your attitude is still awful. Why don't you just say that the game didn't go the way we wanted it to and we are committed to getting back on track this week? Thanks, Jimmy