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Is Fernando Velasco a Center or a Guard?

Mike Munchak said yesterday that Fernando Velasco will move to guard and Kevin Matthew will play center.

Brian A. Westerholt

Yesterday I wrote that it is time for the Titans to start focusing on 2013. While FOTUD made the hilarious comment that all of the things I wrote were "fairly obvious," the Titans apparently are not focusing on 2013 yet. They announced yesterday that Fernando Velasco will be moved to guard now that Steve Hutchinson has been placed on IR. The move was made because Kevin Matthews is terrible at guard but decent at center.

To me, if the Titans view Velasco as their center of the future, that is a terrible decision. It doesn't make any sense to take the guy that is in his first year as a starting center and move him to guard for the last four games of a season that is over. Those games are valuable experience that Velasco could be gaining.

This leads me to believe that they still view Eugene Amano as the starting center. It is "fairly obvious" that feeling that way is a terrible decision.

I also don't understand why they wouldn't just plug Mitch Petrus, who they claimed on waivers, in and let him play the final month. They already know what they have in Matthews (not much). At some point they need to learn if Petrus is worth investing in for next year and beyond.