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Titans Place Steve Hutchinson On IR

It is a tough time to be an offensive lineman for the Titans.


The Tennessee Titans announced tonight that they have placed guard Steve Hutchinson on IR. This really doesn't come as much of a surprise considering the team announced yesterday that he had his knee scoped. With only four games left in the season, that just doesn't give him much time to get the knee right.

Hutchinson is the second starting offensive lineman to be put on IR this week. David Stewart was placed there on Monday after breaking his leg on Sunday. Michael Roos is the only lineman that started camp as a starter that isn't on IR (Roos, Leroy Harris, Eugene Amano, Hutchinson and Stewart were your starters entering camp), and he is a little bit banged up.

If I were Jake Locker, I might fall on my shoulder funny in practice tomorrow to spare myself from the beating that I am bound to take for the rest of the season behind the offensive line that the Titans will be running out there.