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The Titans Should Already Be Preparing for the Offseason

Here are a few things that the Titans front office should be working on for 2013.

Rick Stewart

It is time for the Titans to start looking to next year. That means a lot of different things. For one, it means they need to be evaluating each player on the current roster to decide if they are worthy of being here next year. They should also be looking for people that they can go ahead and sign to an extension before the free agency season starts. Sen'Derrick Marks could be one of those guys.

They should also be scouting players from other teams that are in the last year of their current contracts. The Titans have not been big players in free agency since Floyd Reese left, and that needs to change. I am not saying be the Redskins, but they sure could use another class like the one that brought David Thornton, Chris Hope and Kevin Mawae.

The final thing that should be going on is looking at the practice squad of other teams. Is there a guy out there that they think could develop into a good player in this system?

Russ Lande wrote an article today that looks at five players, four of them offensive lineman, that have a chance to develop into quality NFL players. I don't know anything about any of those guys other than Brad Smelley, but hopefully the Titans front office does.