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Titans Safety Robert Johnson Placed on IR

RoJo has been placed on IR and will have surgery today.

Donald Miralle

Tennessee Titans safety Robert Johnson has been placed on IR with torn ligaments in his foot according to John Glennon. He will have surgery today.

It has been an interesting year for the man known as RoJo. When training camp started, Johnson was just a safety that had spent a couple of years back and forth from the practice squad. Then, as the preseason was coming to an end, he became the starter, somewhat inexplicably, over Jordan Babineaux. We heard a lot of talk about Jerry Gray putting him in situations to succeed.

Johnson, somewhat predictably, was not very good as a starter. It was not long until he was relegated back to his role as a back-up. He seemed to even fall as far as the 4th safety before Al Alfalava got hurt.

All of that being said, you never want to see someone get hurt. Hopefully RoJo's surgery goes well and he is able to make a quick recovery.