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Mike Reinfeldt on His Firing

Mike Reinfeldt released a statement following his firing this morning.

Grant Halverson

Bud Adams announced today that he was keeping Mike Munchak but firing Mike Reinfeldt. At first it looked like a curious decision to me, but after stopping and thinking about it, letting Reinfeldt go makes good sense. He is more responsible for the compilation of the current Titans roster than either Munchak or Ruston Webster because he was the GM for 4 years before Webster took over.

Anyway, Reinfeldt released a statement today on his firing (via Kuharsky):

lthough I am extremely disappointed in the decision, I thank Mr. Adams for the opportunity over the last 6 years. Having moved into this expanded role in February, I’m not only proud that we are on pace for a successful financial year, but confident that Ruston (Webster) and Mike (Munchak) have made significant strides on the football field and are a move or two away from taking the next step. I certainly understand and share in the frustration of Mr. Adams and all Titans fans, there are a great deal of good people here and patience is probably prudent at this point. I have supported this franchise as a player and executive and wish it nothing but success in the future. Thank you.