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Why keeping Mike Munchak Right Choice for Titans

Time for some optimism around these parts.

Streeter Lecka

Mike Munchak has not been the coach we all wanted. He has shown little creativity, no emotion, and in his two years here, he has not lived up to the hype he was given when Jeff Fisher was relieved. Despite these facts, Bud Adams giving Munchak one more season is the right choice.

In his two years, the Titans play on the field has not been exactly stellar, but one thing I have enjoyed is watching the foundation of this franchise be built. We have 3 starting linebackers each with all-star potential. We have a solid cornerback group, an offense filled with weapons and a quarterback who is willing to put in all the work necessary to be great. Munchak has done a great job assembling a team that not only has great character(outside of Kenny Britt) but are young and energetic with dynamic skills. Mike Munchak's largest problem is that despite finding some good players, he has surrounded himself with a poor coaching staff outside of Alan Lowry and Dave Ragone.

The biggest thing Mike Munchak has going for him is that the players on his team play for him and respond to what he says. This quote from Deuce Lutui says it all, "Munch is the best coach I have ever been coached by, bar none, and I have been to a Super Bowl" . I personally don't know what the hell Munchak is doing that has these players so enamored with him, but whatever it is, it's working. Having a coach the team can rally behind is huge for a franchise. In Jeff Fishers later years with the franchise, it was painfully obvious that this team was not playing for him. This hopefully gives the team a solid system in place and can help establish some sort of identity.

Bud Adams is in his 90s and does not want to start another rebuilding process. This is the right choice seeing as the talent level on this team is as high as ever. Now is not the time to bring in a new coach with no familiarity with this team. The replacement could further hinder this team as we go through an evaluation season. This team is good enough to compete with any team in the league. Taking a step back is not a smart move.

Coming off our 2007 season, the Titans surprised the league with an NFL best 13-3 record. Our current team is more talented than that squad and with a few solid off season acquisitions, mainly on the offensive line and safety position, coupled with a coordinator tandem that's worth a damn, this team has a really good chance to make some noise come 2013.