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Mike Munchak Will Return As Titans Head Coach; Mike Reinfeldt Fired

Wyatt reports that Bud Adams will bring Mike Munchak back but fire Mike Reinfeldt.


Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean is reporting that Mike Munchak will return as the Tennessee Titans head coach in 2013, but that Mike Reinfeldt will be relieved of his duties. That is a very interesting development. Reinfeldt has been with the team since 2007 when he took over for Floyd Reese as the general manager. Last year when Ruston Webster took over as the general manager, Reinfeldt moved to Senior Executive Vice President/COO.

We assumed that Jeff Fisher was calling a lot of the drafting shots in Reinfeldt's early years as GM, but maybe he wasn't. There were quite a few bad drafts in there- including his first where the first three picks were Michael Griffin, Chris Henry and Paul Williams.

Wyatt did not say anything on Webster, but considering he has only been in charge for one draft, you would assume he is safe for another year.

Now we still wait on news about the assistant coaches.