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Chicago Bears Fire Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith has been fired in Chicago. The Titans should be on the phone with him right now.


Multiple people are reporting today that Lovie Smith has been fired by the Chicago Bears. It is tough for a guy to be fired after a 10-win season, but those are the breaks sometimes. Smith probably wants another head coaching job, but he would be a heck of a hire for Mike Munchak as a defensive coordinator.

I know that won't happen because the Titans never go out and make the splash move like that, but I really don't understand why they wouldn't. There is talent on this defense. The right guy could make them a top-15 unit in no time, and that might be the quickest way for Munch to save his own job. The offense is going to take a little bit more time.

The Titans would be well served to go ahead and make their announcements on the coordinators so they can start making calls. I am not sure what Bud Adams is waiting on this morning.