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Prediction: Mike Munchak Is Your Coach in 2013

Bud Adams makes comments to Jim Wyatt after Sunday's win that all but insure Mike Munchak will be back in 2013.

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Frederick Breedon

It has already been pretty widely speculated that Bud Adams planned on bringing back Mike Munchak for 2013, but Bud's comments to Jim Wyatt after today's game have me 100% convinced:

"We really put it to them. We looked like a completely different team," Adams said. "I was happy with how we played, yes. But I don’t want to say one win changes everything. I still have to talk to my people there and see where we are going, what’s been going on there and why we haven’t won more games like we did this one. I am going to meet with my people and then will decide something."

Well congratulations to Mike Munchak and his squad for "putting it to" a two win football team today. That is really an accomplishment that should save a job.

You have to assume that the people Bud is planning on talking to are his grandson, Mike Reinfeldt and Ruston Webster. All of those guys like Munchak, so there is very little chance that Munch will be out. The only hope we really had that Muchack would be fired was if Bud decided to completely clean house. He definitely isn't doing that.

Hopefully we will hear something on the other coaches soon.