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Report: Jake Locker to Have Shoulder Surgery

Wyatt reports that Locker will have surgery on his non-throwing shoulder. The procedure will sideline him for "several months."

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Jim Wyatt reported after the game today that sources inside the Titans locker room have told him that Jake Locker will undergo surgery on his non-throwing shoulder now that the season is over. That really isn't new news, but it is something that will be worth monitoring in the offseason. Wyatt says the procedure will sideline Locker for "several months."

The good news here is that under the new CBA, Locker really won't miss that much on the field work. The offseason program doesn't start until April, and Locker could be back on the field in time for mini-camps in May.

The real question now is who will the offensive coordinator be for this team next season. Nothing is official yet, but my assumption is still that the Titans will be looking for two new coordinators by this time tomorrow.

At least Locker will be around to sit in meetings while the new offense is being installed.