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Tennessee Titans 2013 Opponents

See who the Titans will play in 2013.


We do not know in what order the Titans will play the teams on their schedule next season, but we do know what teams they will play. The Titans play the AFC West and NFC West next season. They will also play the third place teams from the AFC East and AFC North since they finished in third in the division this season.

Here are the 2013 opponents:

Home: Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, San Diego, Arizona, San Francisco and the New York Jets

Away: Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Denver, Oakland, St. Louis, Seattle and Pittsburgh

That obviously sets up some interesting story lines. You will have the Titans facing off against Jeff Fisher in St. Louis, and a trip to Denver to take on Peyton Manning, who chose the Broncos over the Titans this past offseason.

They also play the Chargers and the Steelers for what seems like the 30th straight year.