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Titans Coaching Decision Timeline

A look at what is likely to happen between Bud Adams and Mike Munchak in the next couple of days.

Thomas B. Shea

In my opinion, what happens on the field today doesn't matter much as far as Mike Munchak is concerned. A blow out might persuade Bud Adams to pull the trigger on Munchak, but that really isn't very likely. So we need to just accept the fact that Munch is going to be the coach of this team in 2013.

What will happen at some point in the next couple of days is that Bud Adams, Mike Reinfeldt and Ruston Webster will sit down with Mike Munchak and tell him he has to get rid of most, if not all, of his staff*. Munch will then have the choice to do that and keep his job or say no and get fired. Based on the fact that the fired Chris Palmer during the season, my guess is that he has no problem letting those guys go.

*Technically, if I remember correctly, most of the assistant coaches are working in the last year of their deals- meaning he won't have to fire them. They just won't be offered new contracts.

Then the search will start for new coordinators. If and when that does happen, you better believe we will be all over it here at MCM. Stay tuned.