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Philadelphia Eagles Fire Jim Washburn

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear what got Wash fired.


Jim Washburn has been "relieved of his duties" as defensive line coach of the Philadelphia Eagles according to Adam Schefter. If you are familiar with Washburn at all, and if you read his comments last week about Jason Babin's release, it should come as no surprise that this move was made. My guess is that he let the wrong person know exactly how he felt about Babin's release.

Of course the natural response to this news is to want him to come back to the Titans. It is really impossible to even guess what the probability of that happening next season is at this point. He does have familiarity with a lot of guys on this staff. He was with the organization from 1998-2012, so he coached with Mike Munchak and Jerry Gray, but right now we don't know if either of those guys will still be here next year.

There is also the possibility that Washbun is ready to retire. He turned 63 yesterday, so he might be ready to slow down- although watching him on the practice field I have my doubts about that.

If he does come back, he better bring that hat with him.