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The Coaching Carousel: Apathetic Failure Edition

You know it's bad when even the ultimate Titans homer, August West is on record saying that he's finally thrown in the towel on this staff.

Hey Bud, you can park the Brinks truck right over there!
Hey Bud, you can park the Brinks truck right over there!
Stephen Dunn

Whatever miniscule hopes that the Titans had for getting to 6 wins this year were delivered an unceremonious and largely expected killshot by the hated rival Texans (I use that word in jest as lately, it's been the Texans in the role of the Harlem Globetrotters to our Washington Generals). Whatever dreams that Dopoor Log0gains had of becoming a full fledged non interim OC evaporated in the cozy confines of LP Field. It's quite clear that a vast majority of the team has quit on Munchak and are just playing out the string. Jared Cook was just the first soul to jump off the ship so dramatically. Even the most jaded of Titans fans will have to admit that the season is over and it's time to tank to get a reasonably high draft pick, NBA style (well not really but I'd pay to see a lottery instituted just to see the Jags trolled out of getting the top 3 pick in order to get Geno/Barkley/insert random flavor of the draft process QB here). A lot is over, folks. Anyways, enough of the depression inducing hilarity that is the 2012-13 Tennessee Titans season. Here's this week's candidate.

The Candidate: Chip Kelly Oregon Ducks HC


  • The transition of the Ducks offense to the pro game - In essence, the work he could potentially do with Locker would be exciting to see to say the least. Locker clearly has shown the ability to thrive in a no huddle quick pace passing game. Kelly has shown the ability to adjust in game strategy, which has been a sore spot for the current regime. I'm sure SuperHorn can expound on the possibilities of the Kelly offense better than I.
  • The wealth of knowledge and experience his assistants have - Almost every assistant at Oregon has at least 25 years of tenure at the university. The work of RB coach Gary Campbell is especially noted for producing an impressive array of backs that has/have had varying degrees of NFL success. LaMichael James, Onterrio Smith, Maurice Morris, Reuben Droughns Johnathon Stewart, and LeGarrette Blount all studied under his watch. Chris Johnson could possibly be reborn onto the great career path he was destined for early on under Campbell.
  • The discipline he instills in his team - Despite the many distractions at Oregon like the ever changing uniforms and super nice facilities, Kelly has managed these well. He has even kicked off/suspended starters even faced with the prospect of losing games because of this.


  • Nashville - It might be too small of a market for him to take on the challenge of rebuilding unlike Philly or Dallas
  • Defense - Just looking at the Ducks defense, the physical readiness of the Titans might be tested unlike any seen before after so many rapid fire touchdowns the offense will have. Whoever he hires as the DC will have full autonomy (it's either a good thing or a bad one). Also on the other side, the Ducks offense has had well chronicled struggles against the physical SEC but I'm sure CK will make the proper adjustments. He rarely has a bad game where he Jimbo Fisher's a game and loses because of poor playcalling.
  • Pass offense - It has been less than ideal and relatively unused as the Ducks have focused on the run a lot more. That theory might be because of the lack of a traditional mobile quarterback for awhile. Marcus Mariota is quickly changing the concept of Ducks QBs just being the point guard of the rushing attack and actually throwing the ball around a lot.
  • Bud Adams/NFL - Will he open up the purse strings to pursue Kelly and would the front office be interested should they survive a potential purge? The social stigma of being a college head coach making the jump is still there, however eroded it may seem by the recent successes of Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco.