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Chris Ault Steps Down at Nevada; Titans Should Go Get Him

Ault is the father of the pistol formation, and could bring some offensive innovation to a team that desperately needs it.

Ethan Miller

There may be a few of you that read that title and said, "Who?" If you are one of those people, stop right now and go read this post* from Chris Brown (not the rapper or the hamstring puller, but the author of Smart Football). The summary of that is that Ault is the man who invented the pistol offense, which has been adopted by some NFL teams like the Redskins and 49ers (and even the Titans a little bit with the diamond formation).

Ault said when he stepped down that he is not done coaching. The logical next step for him would be as a coordinator in the NFL, and there is a really, really good chance that the Titans will be looking for an offensive coordinator in about 48 hours.

The biggest resistance to a guy like Ault in the past has been that "gimmicky offenses" like that won't work in the NFL. Well the Redskins and 49ers have proven this year that the pistol formation is anything but a gimmick, and that it is time for some offensive innovation in the NFL. There is no team that needs that more than the Titans.

I was excited when I heard that Loggains would be taking over because he wanted to run "Dinger's offense," but that hasn't worked out so well. Maybe it could in time, but I am ready to see the Titans be ahead of the curve on offense for a change. I am tired of watching them try to make the old style still work.

There is very little chance that Munchak even thinks about making a call to Ault, I know that, but man wouldn't it be awesome if he did?

*Just an FYI, From time to time you will see an article posted in the cover that is from a different site on SB Nation. That is always done by me, and I only post things up there that I think are of interest to us as Titans' fans.