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Titans Place Colin McCarthy on Injured Reserve

The Tennessee Titans officially ended Colin McCarthy's season today by placing him on IR.

Frederick Breedon

This from Jim Wyatt earlier today:

It would have been nice for the Titans to find a guy on the practice squad of another team that they think has a chance to develop into a good player instead of promoting a fullback (seriously, what is with this team and fullbacks?), but that is not what they chose to do.

The 2012 campaign was a disappointing one for McCarthy. He was only healthy enough to appear in seven games. There is no doubt he has the tools to be a dynamic player in this league, but at this point the injuries are a huge concern. That is why the Titans should seriously consider Manti Te'o if he is still on the board when they pick. They need a difference making leader on the defense. Te'o will be that guy wherever he ends up in the NFL.