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An Open Letter to Bud Adams: It's Time for Change

In a situation with better coordinators, and less injuries, things might have been different. Yet, here we are in one of the worst seasons in franchise history, and changes need to be made.

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Mr. Adams,

I can't speak for an entire fan base. This opinion is not necessarily the opinion shared by the entire community of this Titans blog. These just happen to be the thoughts of one blogger. Maybe this gets to you. I'd say in all likelyhood it doesn't, but at least I've given the effort to put it out there.

It's time for change. The breadth of that change is, of course, in your hands. It's my belief that Coach Munchak's failures are symptomatic of larger problems within the front office. The mishandling of free agents, draft picks, and re-signing are the primary reason we're in this spot today. In the simplest way, if we were building a team correctly over the past 5 years, how could we look so impossibly inept today?

I think there are a handful of things done right over the past several years that can divert attention from the basic fact that this is not a team constructed with direction or purpose. But, from a larger perspective, are you, as an owner, satisfied with the product put on the field in recent years? Do you know what kind of team your executives are trying to build? Is there an ethos among the front office, or is the goal to just assemble random talent and hope it fits?

All of this said, I think the front office and the head coach are separate issues, really. When I say that, I mostly mean that regardless of what you elect to do with the front office staff, Coach Munchak needs to step down. That's a difficult thing to say and come to terms with (certainly much more so for you than me) considering not only the great things Mike Munchak has done for this franchise, but the type of person he is in general. Even at a distance, I have no doubt that this is a difficult situation given Munchak's history with your franchise.

The fact remains, however, that this team is quickly coming unraveled. Silver linings and areas of improvement are becoming almost impossible to find as we head into the offseason. Again, some of this isn't Coach Munchak's fault. Injuries and misplaced personnel aren't doing him any favors. Still, the situation is what it is at this point. And with one coordinator already fired, and the other one probably on his way out, the instability and uncertainty at the coordinator positions present a big problem for this team - especially our young quarterback. A revolving door of coordinators will kill this franchise. Further, finding good coordinators heading into a season where your head coach's job is in jeopardy may prove difficult.

While the circumstances are unfortunate and much of it has been out of Munchak's control, it's time for him to go. Hiring a new coach provides more stability and a better environment for good coordinator hires. This may not be the comfortable or easy thing to do, but it's likely what is best for this franchise long term. When considering the necessary things in building a franchise, a top tier QB has to be at the top of the list. In order for our young QB to succeed, the importance of stability cannot be overstated. In my opinion, the best way to mitigate the risk of different coordinators each year (2012, 2013, 2014) is to hire a new head coach.

All this said about Coach Munchak, I do still believe that the larger problem is with the executives running this organization. Is this team really better since Mike Reinfeldt took over? Has the organization improved since 2007? I'll let you be the judge. From where I sit, it seems that large, sweeping changes with new vision is what this franchise needs. If all that change is too much for you to bear at this point, then the hiring of a new head coach is likely the next best thing.

I trust you'll do what's best for the franchise.