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Titans vs. Sparklekitties: Two Mikes enter. Will either survive?

Musings on the approaching end of a season, and perhaps an era.

Frederick Breedon

When the Titans host the Jaguars for the season ender on Sunday, we'll be watching two franchises on the brink, mired in what many would call failed attempts at rebuilding. And, as is the case with any franchise-rebuilding project on life support, both coaches could be coming home to a pink slip.

Just 25 months ago these two franchises were navigating the twilight of previous glory years under the helm of a duo of the longest tenured coaches in the league. Jump ahead to now and both teams have young first-round QBs who would prefer to forget this year, highly paid running backs who some analysts and fans view as overpaid and defenses whose bright spots can't conceal their warts. It's a recipe for disaster, and the timer on the stove is about to ding.

Mike Mularkey and Mike Munchak are both smart coaches, steeped in football knowledge and well respected around the league. If they are indeed fired after Sunday, you can count on them landing coordinator or position coach positions within days; Munch could well land in Detroit or St. Louis thanks to his history with both Jeff Fisher, Jim Schwartz, and the Saints' struggles along the O-line.

It's never a cause to celebrate when a good man loses his job, but right now it's almost impossible to see how either teams' owner could take stock of the situation and justify not making a change. While the end of the season will be a bitter occasion for Mike and Mike, it's also a chance for all parties involved to create a better situation.

So remember when you watch the dumpster fire that will be Sunday's game, that in the right context, even the stinkiest flames can be cleansing.