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Peter King: Bruce Arians Could Be A Candidate in Tennessee

Peter King says Bruce Arians could be in play if the Titans fire Mike Munchak.

Andy Lyons

Peter King spent some time answering questions from the people on Twitter tonight, and he had this to say when asked about Bruce Arians getting a shot as a head coach next season:

Of course right now the Titans have a head coach, so that statement is really irrelevant, but I would be on board with the Titans bringing Arians in as the next coach. He helped make the Colts a playoff team a year after they had the first pick in the draft- not to mention that he is only the interim coach. There is no doubt he can coach through adversity.

Like I said above, this is all contingent on Bud deciding to pull the trigger on Mike Munchak. That is by no means a sure thing at this point.