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Don Banks Expects Mike Munchak to Survive

In one of the more depressing stories I have read in months, Don Banks says he expects Mike Munchak to be the Titans coach in 2013.

Ed Szczepanski

Don Banks posted his Black Monday primer, and he had this to say about the future of Mike Munchak with the Titans:

Titans owner Bud Adams has put second-year head coach Mike Munchak on notice a couple times this season, but the consensus among league sources I talked with is that Munchak will likely get another chance in 2013. An embarrassing loss at home in Week 17 to lowly Jacksonville could obviously impact his job status, but barring that, perhaps only change at the coordinator level is in order in Nashville.

FYI, Banks was the one who broke the story that Jeff Fisher was leaving the Titans a couple of years ago.

This is not the news that most of us wanted to hear tonight. I really don't understand what Bud Adams could have seen in Munch's tenure that would lead him to believe that year 3 of the Mike Munchak tenure would be any better than year 2. This team is worse in every facet than it was last season.

The other concern, as our friend trevor pointed out earlier on Twitter, is Munch's choice in coordinators. Sure, Chris Palmer wasn't his first choice, but do you remember who his first choice was? Mike Tice/Bill Callahan. WOO!

Maybe his choices would be better now, but there is no evidence to believe that. So it sounds like we have another year with an over-matched head coach with sub-par coordinators at the helm. I can't wait!