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Who is This Year's Offensive MVP?

Has Adrian Peterson done enough to win the MVP?

Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Gillette "No Debate" question is "Who has been this year's offensive MVP and why?" Here are my thoughts on the subject:

A few years back Chris Johnson set the record for yards from scrimmage, yet he did not get a single vote for MVP (if I recall correclty). This year, Adrian Peterson has 1,898 rushing yards and people are talking about him being the MVP. That doesn't really make sense to me considering that he only has 215 yards receiving, which means that he isn't going to come anywhere close to CJ's 2,509 total from 2009.

The MVP is almost always a quarterback, and that is really the way it should be in today's NFL. You aren't going to win a Super Bowl without a really good quarterback, so it only makes sense that those guys would get the most consideration for MVP.

So this year's race really comes down to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan. You can probably go ahead and eliminate Ryan from the race, so it is really down to Brady and Manning.

Since I would never vote for Peyton Manning for anything ever, my vote is Tom Brady. What say you? Vote in the poll below. If you vote other, please leave your vote in the comments.