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Titans Shut Out of the Pro Bowl

Much to the surprise of no one, the Titans are not sending anyone to the Pro Bowl.


The Pro Bowl rosters were announced tonight and to no one's surprise there is not a single Tennessee Titans player on the roster. You can see the full rosters here. I would not be surprised if Chris Johnson ends up in the game because players pull out. It seems like there are more and more guys that decide not to play in the game every year (that is why they should cancel the game and just name the teams but that is a different discussion all together).

The most interesting thing to me is that the Kansas City Chiefs got more players elected to the Pro Bowl (5) than they have wins (2) on the season. That brings up an interesting discussion question that I will leave you with:

Is it better to be a bad team that has multiple Pro Bowl players or a bad team with no Pro Bowl players? There is no right answer here because both situations are bad, but I would think it would be easier for a head coach to sell the owner on giving him another year if he doesn't have any Pro Bowl players.

That does not bode well for Romeo Crennel.