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Pro Bowl Voting Results Coming Tonight; Any Titans Making It?

Chris Johnson has a chance....does anyone else?

Marc Serota

The NFL is set to announced the Pro Bowl rosters tonight at 6 central. You can watch the announcement live on NFL Network. This is exciting for a lot of fanbases in the NFL, but not so much for the Titans- especially not this season. There have been plenty of good Titans' teams who have been underrepresented in the Pro Bowl. You already know what will happen to a bad team.

With that being said, there really aren't many guys on this team that deserve to be in the Pro Bowl. Chris Johnson is really the only guy that you can make a case for. He has 1,187 yards on the season. That is good for 8th in the league, but he is behind three AFC guys in Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster and Stevan Ridley.

The advantage CJ has is the highlight plays. His yards stick out more than Ridley's, but Ridley also has twice as many TDs as CJ (10 to 5). Even with all of that, my guess is that CJ ends up in the game.

I thought I could also make a case for Brett Kern, but he is currently 12th in the league net punting and 9th in average punt. Even if those numbers were better, the fact that he had his worst game of the season on Monday Night Football pretty much knocked him out.

I will post an open thread for the announcement show at 6.