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Tentative 2013 NFL Salary Cap Numbers

A look at the salary cap, franchise and transition tag numbers for 2013.


The folks over at Around the League at have gotten some information on next year's salary cap. Sources have told them that the cap will be right at $121 million next season. The 90% spending floor goes into effect next season. That means that teams will have to spend just shy of $109 million. The Titans will have no problem hitting that number- even if they don't do much in free agency.

That post also has the tentative franchise and transition tag numbers for each position next season. Here they are:

CB: Franchise: $10.668 Transition: $8.939

DE: Franchise: $10.984 Transition: $8.994

DT: Franchise: $8.306 Transition: $6.919

K/P: Franchise: $2.926 Transition: $2.654

LB: Franchise: $9.455 Transition: $8.216

OL: Franchise: $9.660 Transition: $8.560

QB: Franchise: $14.642 Transition: $12.845

RB: Franchise: $8.079 Transition: $6.851

S: Franchise: $6.798 Transition: $5.899

TE: Franchise: $5.962 Transition: $5.105

WR: Franchise: $10.357 Transition: $8.716

The Titans really only have two potential franchise targets- Jared Cook and Rob Bironas. I would never franchise a kicker, but his franchise tag number is just a shade higher than what he is making this season ($2.85 million).

Cook isn't making anything close to $5.92 million right now, but that is just because he is still playing under his rookie contract. There is no doubt he would get something close to that on the open market. It would make a whole lot more sense to tag Cook over Bironas.