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Does a Win Against Jacksonville Save Mike Munchak?

With one game left in the season and Bud Adams angry, Mike Munchak has to beat the Jags to have any chance of coming back. Even if they do, should that be enough?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

All that's left before yet another playoff-less season concludes for the Tennessee Titans is a home game against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. Bud Adams has once again spoken out and threatened changes to the staff unless he feels that they can turn this sinking ship around.

The question I want to pose to the community is, "How much impact does a win have on Munchak's job security?"

Personally for me I don't think it should have an impact. We've already lost to them once this season, which is embarrassing enough. Add that in with all the blowout losses and my mind has been made up for several weeks now.

But I'm not Bud Adams. Many of you are more familiar with Bud than I am. He is going to discuss things with the front office and coaching staff before he makes a decision on their respective futures. It's pretty obvious that a win at least helps Munchak's argument to stay, but how much emphasis will Bud Adams put on that last game of the season?

I don't think either team will win easily on Sunday. It's a battle of two of the worst teams in the NFL, meaning that both teams will be competitive and close. It may look like we're turning things around and going out with some momentum for 2013. I fear that Bud Adams may actually buy into that theory. This team is 0-8 against winning teams (per Nate Dunlevy), and similarly 0-8 against teams in or still fighting for a playoff spot (per Terry McCormick). There's too much evidence saying this team is heading in reverse, and Bud Adams cannot afford to be fooled this Sunday.