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My Titans Christmas List

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, MCM. Thankfully, we have some holiday cheer at this time to balance out what was that awful showing on Sunday by the Titans. Now, I've optimistically rooting for our Titans and trying to defend this staff, but I can't do it anymore. Here is my open letter to Bud Adams, which he will never read because I don't want to actually send it.

Streeter Lecka

Dear Santa Bud,

I've really been a good kid this year. I've rooted for this team and have tried to find positives for everyone one of the starters that you threw out there this season (except Leroy Harris). Quite frankly, the team has been a major disappointment. So, would you please get me everything on my wishlist?

  1. Innovative Head Coach and Coordinators- I don't necessarily mean Chip Kelly. I want a younger guy that will make this offense and defense really explode with greatness, such as Kyle Shanahan.
  2. A proven QB coach- It's safe to say that Loggains is a goner as QB coach, so we need someone new. We need someone that will help salvage Jake and not let him become like Sunshine. Jake has the physical tools and the work ethic to be an amazing franchise quarterback, but we need someone that will mold him and fix the accuracy problems. PLEASE BUD!
  3. A new kick returner- Hold up, don't get me wrong. I love Marc Mariani. He is my kick returner of choice. But what if he can't recover from that gruesome broken leg? We need to have a better backup plan than Darius Reynaud.
  4. A POWER BACK- Jamie Harper has done nothing spectacular in his time as a Titan. He's never done anything great. Nothing awesome. Nothing cool. He had some good runs against the Packers... on the OUTSIDE. It's time for a guy to play behind CJ that will ram it up the middle and gain 4 yards every time.
  5. An extension for Michael Preston- The guy is very promising and could be a very solid #4 receiver (if not higher after we eventually part ways with Nate the Great). We need to invest a $$$ in this project.
  6. *sigh* A new safety tandem- I love Michael Griffin, and I really like Big Play Babs, but they are the bane of our defense. Our defensive struggles are very evident in our safety play. It's time to really invest in turning around our safeties. I think we should try to trade Griff at the beginning of the offseason and see what we can find.
  7. New Guards- I'm not sold on the Lutui project. He's done nothing terrible but nothing spectacular. He's not young either, so it's time to end that project. Speaking of not being young, Steve Hutch is a problem. I really like that we picked him up in free agency. He's been a pretty cool guy from what I can tell, and I wish him the best. But he's old, not nearly as good as his prime, and injured.
  8. A winning season in 2013- Please and Thanks!