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The Coaching Carousel: Hopeless Ignominy Edition

Another Titans Sunday passes by with yet another loss of historical proportions. Le sigh again

Hey Tom, here's my best VelociRaffe trying to eat imitation! Do you like it? TB: HAHA NO. JM: But I might coach him!
Hey Tom, here's my best VelociRaffe trying to eat imitation! Do you like it? TB: HAHA NO. JM: But I might coach him!

The Packers delivered a fitting and justified ending of the oft aggravating, hilarious, and misguided delusion of a tenure of one Mike Munchak. It is a similar concept that the Titans employed to end the regime of Mark Sanchez just one Monday night ago. I don't know how long I have preached that Munchak just doesn't have it to be a head coach but the last vestiges of a irresponsible and illogical defense of him have certainly been removed. It's long past time for Bud Adams to end this horrific and thoroughly unjust attempt at mockery of the NFL shield, Titans fans, and the players. Baptist Sports Park is in shambles and the services of the already short careers of players woefully set back thanks to hiring coaches of questionable coaching repute. If there is even one iota geared towards bringing this glaringly deficient cast of characters called an NFL coaching staff back, Bud must take the initiative and stamp it out. This three ring circus has gotten so bad that opposing fans are apologizing and trying to take pity on us. Time has proven that Munchak was just an interim coach hiding in sheep's clothing like a crafty wolf. I, like many MCM users, have washed our hands of this coaching staff. It is time for those last remaining few sources of Munchak defenders to come in from those cold and blustery hinterlands to embrace wholesale changes. One more week of this ultimately futile ignominious drudgery exists, let's make it a good one.

Candidate: Josh McDaniels New England Patriots OC/QB coach


  • Plenty of experience being an OC/QB coach - Similar to the candidates I have presented so far, he has experience being a reasonably competent one unlike Larry (Munchak), Curly (Palmer), Moe (Loggains). McDaniels' coaching career began in 1999 at Michigan State under one Nick Saban (more on this later). He has risen up the ranks the hard way through the Patriots system. He was the OC when the Patriots had the record setting 18-1 season.
  • The ability to change on the fly - He had to change his philosophy in 2008 when Tom Brady was knocked out for the year and Matt Cassel had to step in. This new offense led to a very solid 11-5 year. The concept makes him an attractive coach to any potential suitor such as the Titans with a struggling QB in Locker. It also portends well for the next QB in line should Locker be deemed a bust and damaged goods.
  • The coaching lineage - It is impressive once you look at it. He has learned at the feet of one of the best in college in Nick Saban and pro, Bill Belichick. The hidden gem of his resume is that he coached defense early on in his tenure with the Patriots. Belichick and Saban don't hand out defensive jobs lightly. You have to earn it with them.


  • Controversy - McDaniels' career has been littered with less than ideal events. Namely the issues with Jay Cutler (which ultimately led to the Tim Tebow selection that had me jumping ship in a subsequent reaction) and Brandon Marshall. The Cutler trade did land the Broncos some very good players still on the roster, however. The big controversy that got him fired along with a bad 2nd season was the "Spygate Lite" issue. Despite all these issues that cropped up, I believe he has learned his lesson and is ready to be a head coach again. The bigger question is, will the front office look past them and his need for a GM so he doesn't have to be one?