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More from Bud Adams After Titans Loss to Packers

Was today enough for Bud to actually pull the trigger?

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Tom Lynn

Jim Wyatt also got some comments from Bud Adams, and maybe today actually was enough to make him pull the trigger. Here is part of what he said to Wyatt:

"I like Mike, I really do. But liking him and getting the job done are two different things," Adams said. "If he is not getting the job done, that is what I have to find out. Right now, we are not looking very good. Something is wrong and I want to find out what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it."

There is no doubt that Bud likes Munch. Munchak has worked for him for a very long time, first as a player, then as a position coach and now as the head coach, but it is time for Adams to realize that Munch just isn't cut out to be an NFL head coach.

Who knows how the Titans will play in the finale, but a good performance should not be enough to save Munch's job at this point. The Jaguars are a terrible team with nothing left to play for themselves. A good performance against them doesn't prove anything.